The A.C.T.S. of Worship Seminar:

Welcome to the Repairer’s Fellowship ‘A.C.T.S. of Worship’ Seminar pages.

We believe that Worship is man’s natural response to the presence of God, and is the created purpose, place and posture of the Believer. Worship is where we see God and in the process see ourselves, and are changed. Worship is the most powerful thing that a Believer can do, and the most important.

Scriptural references: Isaiah 6, Nehemiah 8, John 4, John 9, 1 Peter 2:9-10, Revelation 4, 5

From the beginning, God desired fellowship with man. He has gone to great lengths to put mechanisms in place to achieve that goal. Even to the point of sacrificing His only begotten Son.

We (the church) however, have drifted away from the essential vehicle that God set up for fellowship: Worship.

For this reason, many ministries have faltered and fallen, many lives have been ruined, and many of our brethren seek means outside the church to satisfy the deep longing that only God can fill.

Today, the chasm between the Lord and the bride is wider than ever.

The ‘A.C.T.S. of Worship’ Seminar aims to bridge that gap by providing the tools and biblically based strategies that will:

Revitalize struggling ministries

Re-energize weary pastors

Refocus worship leaders, worship teams and choirs

Help to mature the saints.

Whether you need a full-tilt re-immersion, a little fine tuning, or this is new territory altogether, call us.

We can help.

The ‘A.C.T.S. of Worship’ Seminar is a vital tool in the rejuvenation of the body of Christ, in that the essentials of Worship are taught, clearly and concisely by our anointed instructors, all of whom have a Passion for God and Compassion for His people.

Our lead instructor puts it thus:

“Very little of the modern Worship Service time is actually spent in Worship. Very little time is spent teaching about Worship from the pulpit. As a result, our congregations are carnal and spiritually weak. This is because Worship is the life- blood of the church, without it, the church becomes anemic. Worship is the means by which we tap into the Power, Plan & Purposes of God. Worship is the key to the very core of the believer and the church. It is how we stay connected to God.

Pull a leaf off of a branch, and what happens? That healthy vibrant green, begins to fade to yellow, and then to brown as it dies. It is swept away, and replaced the next spring… Churches that don’t Worship are like that leaf. They have the right shape, and initially, can still be recognized, but the power fades, and as they lose power, they lose relevance; they die, and are replaced. There is only one solution. We need to Worship! We need to fall face down, prostrate ourselves, and Worship the one true and living God! For indeed, Worship is where the work gets done.” – Rev. CT Jermin

We believe that a church that is educated and passionate about Worship, is a healthy, productive and vibrant church

To quote Dr. Marva J. Dawn from her wonderful book: ‘Reaching Out Without Dumbing Down’:

“..worship which keeps God as the subject is the most important key, for God is the Creator of community and the preserver of the Church. Just as worship that centers on God will nurture godly character, rather than just ‘good feelings’, in individual believers, so worship that draws all its participants into a common understanding of God will develop vibrant communities – and then the communities in turn will deepen the character growth of their members.” page 133

“The Church is a critically needed community since it provides the truth of God as a basis for its moral dimension. Its worship then, must proclaim, not merely feelings, but the core values of the community as it is centered in relationship with God”  page 135

We believe that once we teach our congregations the vital importance of loving God, not just God’s love for us, and equip them with all of the tools necessary to make the most of the relationship (Bible Study, Prayer, Fasting and Worship) the congregations’ love for the Lord will spur them to love one another, and then ‘go out into all the world’…

God’s richest and best to you,

The Repairer’s Fellowship

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