The Fairness Problem

A portion of Part 46 of The Fellowship’s study on The Revelation 08/09/2015…

Discussing fairness, our perception of it, the Truth of God’s Word, and the futile musings/objections of man.

About the study:
In April of 2014, The Repairer’s Fellowship embarked on an expository, verse by verse teach-through of The Book of Revelation. It has been tremendously enlightening and enriching for all who have taken part. The primary materials tht we are using in addition to the book itself are: G.K. Beale’s commentary on Revelation, ‘More Than Conquerors’ by William Hendericksen , and Arturo Azurdia’s 81sermons preached on the text in 2002-2003. Other resources are being used as well, but these are the main ones. We have decided to share the lessons on Youtube, praying that God be glorified, and His people edified by our journey.


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