“Judge Not… Really?” An excerpt…

“For me personally, as a pastor, I’ve got to lower a lot of blame on the pastors for this, because we’ve done an awful job of teaching the flock the truth of the gospel. We’ve not equipped the saints, our denominations are infusing into the Word all kinds of doctrines of devils, and as a result we are responsible of much of what is seen in America. So many of our preachers have tried to be celebrities themselves that we feed into the idolatrous culture that America is, and we‘ve failed, because we’ve bought into the world’s measurement for success. We’ve made allowances for unrighteousness, and we no longer hear from God, but we know all the formulas for “church growth”.”

“As a result, we’ve got massive amounts of skinny, malnourished and poorly taught sheep, crowding into huge pens, Sunday after Sunday, to be entertained, and these are the ones that tell you, “Judge not, lest ye be judged!” But Jesus wanted, and planned for, big, strong, tough sheep, and that’s what He trained. They were deep, and they were honest, like their Master. They told the truth at great personal cost and they died for it, like their Master, and *we* are not like them? Of course we are. Our Master is the same One.” Pastor Jermin, excerpted from “Judge Not… Really?” on the December 10, 2009 episode of “A New Day For You”. To listen to the entire program, Click Here


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