An Abbreviated ‘Year in review’

Looking back over 2014:

January: The  year began with our continuance in the book of James.

The first Sunday of the year was Titled ‘The wisdom from above’, and we covered James 3:13-18

February: After taking a week to examine (and hopefully put to bed) the Arminian’s Major 4 oppositions to the doctrines of Grace. The last Lord’s Day in February, the title was ‘Faith, Trust and Hope’, core text James 5:1-12

March began with the final lesson in James: ‘The Power of Faith & Community’, after that we began ‘The F.O.R.D. Principle’: The Power of God was and is a gift, rooted in Faith- Obedience –Relationship- and Diligence, which took the rest of the month.

April began our study of The Revelation, and we stayed there until

August when we took a quick break to study: ‘A Communion Theology’, and Antinomianism vs. Legalism

In September, we rediscovered our roots, going to an examination of the House church theory and practice, before resuming our study in Revelation

October continued Revelation, with a break mid-month to spend a Lord ’s Day with a time of open discussion.

November continued to take a break from Revelation, and spent the first 2 weeks looking at ‘The Cost of your Covenant’, and ‘Taking responsibility for your freedom.’  

In December, We completed the 8th Chapter of The Revelation, and we began a new (much needed) practice. At the end of every chapter of The Revelation, we will take one session to  either:

  1. Ask questions, and make sure that everyone is caught up and comfortable before we proceed, or
  2. Deal with a parenthetical issue that is in line but necessarily directly connected to The Revelation

Looking Forward to what 2015 has to offer…



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