Thoughts on ‘The dones’

You’ve met the ‘nones.’ Now meet the ‘dones.’

I am about to make what i am sure is going to seem for some to be a shocking admission from a ‘Pastor’

For several years, I probably did identify as a ‘Done’. In some ways, I still do…

The problem of course, is that there is a void that exists for those of us who remain rooted, doctrinally and Theologically in the truth of scripture, while watching (with a mixture of sadness and horror) as the long standing institutions around us succumb to the ‘pressure to survive’ by adopting contra-Biblical methods, beliefs and practices, in order to remain ‘relevant’ or ‘solvent’ in today’s changing American culture.

We are dissaffected, disenfranchised, disconnected, disgruntled and feel that we have been summarily dismissed. In many ways we have been…

What happens to the (As someone put it in the comments under the article): ‘ Bible-committed Christians who can’t find a church that isn’t a compromising, seeker-mergent institution of worldliness, Gospel-free life tips and leadership vision-casting.’?

The other side of the coin that I see as  Pastor, is that in our desire to develop an alternative, (dare I use the cliché) an ‘authentic’ community of faith, the all too real paradox emerges: 20% of the people do 80% of the work, and this is even more pronounced when the group is a small intimate one.

There seems to be no middle ground. Perhaps this is part of the frustration that leads to the burn out that many in ministry experience.

But what is the fix? What is the cure? It is easy to (as I have done) fire off the quick ‘Well they need to just preach the Gospel. That’ll fix the problem’ Surely there is an amount of truth to the comment, but the situation is nowhere near that simple. What to do? Not sure yet…

Part 2 coming


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