Brother March’s latest…

Breaking Gray

Confession Time.

I walk around with silent rage in my soul.





Tristan Justin Pierce

Floyd Bexfield 

Matthew Manley 

Donna Paradis 

Matthew Bandoo

Wanda Padilla 

Samantha Sabourin

Braxton Caner

Michael Murphy 

Mathew Axelson 

Danny Dietz 

Muhammad Bakr

I could go on and on and on and on.

Names of people I knew. played baseball with. Went to school with. worked with. and names of people I have never met but have heard their stories. heard their families grieve. heard about that moment when they found out that they’d never see their brother, sister, father, son again.

I’ve known of men who have had to identify the bodies of their own children.

My wife holding onto her mother’s hand because that’s the last time they’d ever touch on this earth .

I remember hugging my mother in law. telling her i’d see her again real soon. and I…

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