Had a chat this morning…

CTJ: How was my weekend? Thanks for asking. It was ok. It was Week 3 teaching through the book of Revelation. It is taking a while to undo much of what has been done in terms of how people read and understand the book

G: that’s intense, lol Revelation drains me sometimes.

CTJ: Yes, because you were probably taught the futurist dispensationalist belief, and it is, when examined closely, nonsensical

G: that’s a lot of big words. lol

CTJ: ok, little words

G: i just want to live to 100 and i feel like Revelations makes me feel like i’ll die tomorrow

CTJ: That is because what you were taught is that the book is: 1) About the future, and Only about the Future 2) Imminent 3) Hard, if not impossible to understand 4) About the end of the world 4) preceded by ‘The Rapture’, 5) That the events described are in a chronological sequence…

G: yup, so I don’t read it lol

CTJ: Now, what if ALL OF THAT is wrong? Question; how would the people to whom it was originally written have understood it?

For example: 2000 years from now, if someone were to stumble across a picture of a donkey and an elephant having a tug of war, with a map of America in between them, would they know what it meant without studying our time and culture? For us that picture makes immediate sense, because it has a specific cultural meaning, right? We go: Donkey is Democrat, Elephant is Republican, and the struggle is over political power in the US. But for ‘Jaboo’, living in 4014, does he get that? I doubt it. Same thing here…

‘Marcus’ and ‘Salome’, who got the original letter, living in Ephesus under Emperor Domitian, and his statue which they had to worship in order to eat or get a place to live (i.e. conduct business) in Ephesus, would have clearly understood the reference to the Image of the Beast, and the mark of the beast…

G: I’ll have to sip tea and read this from the beginning, lol. But I’m going to to see if i understand it, and if I have follow up question, I’m gonna ask…


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